Matomo Analytics

An ethical way of using web analytics

You own your data
Matomo can be installed on its own server, or you can use Matomo's cloud service. Regardless, you own your own data, unlike for example Google Analytics, where the data is saved in Google's environments.
Keep data within the EU
You're probably aware of the Schrems II ruling, which meant that it is no longer permitted to send personal data to the United States with reference to the Privacy Shield. With Matomo, you can feel at ease that you yourself control where the data is to be saved and that it is not collected via the USA.
No Sampling
Because you control the data in Matomo, you do not have to deal with sampling, as in Google Analytics. Here you can trust that you always see 100% of the data collected in reports.
No Hit Limits
In Google Analytics, tracking a visit is interrupted if it has generated more than 500 hits (packets of data sent). Such a restriction does not exist in Matomo.
Custom Dimensions
Matomo supports sending up to 50 custom dimensions with a minor rewrite in the database. This can be compared to Google Analytics which only allows 20 if you do not use the paid version (200).
Collecting PII
Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo may collect personal data, provided that you have first obtained consent from the visitors. This is well suited for closed systems such as intranets.
Deletion of PII
If you have accidentally collected personal information, you can easily delete it with Matomo. As you have access to the database yourself, you can delete the individual task.
Cookieless Solution (optional)
Matomo allows tracking without cookies. This of course means that you can not link a user's different visits, but the advantage is that you do not even have to display a cookie banner on the website.
Easy to Extract Data
Because Matomo collects data in a database you control yourself, it is very easy to connect data from Matomo to its own data warehouse, visualization tool or other BI tools.

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