With the term Analytics we mean basically everything that has to do with data. We help you with everything from setting up tracking on your website or application to analyzing, visualizing and above all, taking action on your data.

Web Analytics
Gain increased insights about your visitors on the web and/or in your app. We help you with implementation, data quality and follow-up, regardless of whether you work with Google, Adobe or Matomo.
Tag Management
With a well-set Tag Management account, you improve your ability to follow up on statistics, and avoid waiting for new releases to get new code to the web.
Data Viusualization
Tired of boring PDFs or Excel sheets? We help you set up educational and graphically beautiful dashboards instead! Our focus is to visualize what you actually benefit from being able to see in order to make better decisions.
What is a campaign actually worth? We help you understand which paths your customers take and then shop from you. We work partly with well-known attribution models but can also build our own and customized.
It is becoming more and more common that we use websites to window shop and then go to a physical store and buy the product, or vice versa. We help you understand how your customers move between the different channels and how online activities affect store sales.
Surely it would be good if you did not have to put all the eggs in the basket of an agency? We help you increase your level of knowledge internally so that you can do more things on your own and work at a more advanced level in the tools.